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Personal Injuries Caused by Poor Driving in Ohio


Over the last few months, there are have been many weather-related incidents in Ohio. This case involving personal injury victims and multiple deaths focuses on the deadly turnpike wrecks. According to police, they now know what may have caused the accidents that left three people dead and multiple people injured.

The report from March 30 states that poor driving and unsafe speeds were likely the cause of the accidents that stopped traffic and injured people on the turnpike on March 12. The Ohio State Patrol states that the final totals included 49 injured people and 126 total vehicles involved in the pileups along the Ohio Turnpike toward Toledo.

The news states that the worst part of the accident was approximately halfway between Cleveland and Toledo; it was there that three people were killed in severe accidents. In that area alone, 55 vehicles were damaged and 36 people were injured according to final reports from the Ohio State Patrol.

But, what it all really came down to seems to be poor driving and high speeds in poor conditions. The Ohio State Patrol said that drivers were going too fast for the conditions, and they were simply too close to one another on the slick roadways. When someone went out of control or couldn't stop in time, that led to accidents where it otherwise may not have in good weather conditions. Because of these findings, some people may now be charged, according to the news.

The Ohio State Patrol's investigation results will be given to a northern Ohio prosecutor to determine whom, if anyone, will face charges for starting the chain-reaction pileups. For all three fatalities, the driver was considered to be at fault; however, those injured may find that their accidents were not their faults. They may have a right to compensation for their injuries.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Bad driving led to deadly Ohio Turnpike wrecks, patrol says" No author given, Mar. 30, 2014