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What Are Common Car Accident Injuries?


Getting into a car accident can result in painful injuries. You may find you need to seek out rehabilitation and other medical treatments. You can make a claim against the driver who caused your accident with the help of your attorney, so you can be compensated for the costs associated with your injuries. What kinds of injuries are the most common, though, and what can victims do to recover?

The first set of injuries that tends to be suffered includes head and brain injuries. When a car is hit suddenly, the person inside is jerked to the side, forward or back. The brain can twist inside the head or impact the skull; both actions can lead to brain damage. A victim may also hit his head on the window or dashboard, which can cause contusions and other injuries.

Chest, neck and back injuries can also occur. These injuries include things like bruising from the seat belt, whiplash and back strain. Collarbone fractures or disc injuries can also occur.

The body's extremities and joints are prone to injuries, because they are not as strong as other parts of the body. Bruises, strains and tears can cause long-term damage in some cases.

Injuries to the internal organs can't be overlooked. If a person is hit hard enough or impaled, the body can suffer serious problems. The kidneys could be bruised, the heart could be put under stress or the lungs could be punctured. For instance, fractured ribs could result in a punctured lung. The struggle to breathe can put a strain on the body, and that could lead to other organ failure if it's not treated and the oxygen deprivation is bad enough.

After a car accident, it's vital that victims go to the hospital. Internal injuries in particular can be hard to identify without X-rays or other scans, and treatments for head or back injuries need to be started immediately.

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