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Summer Safety Tips


Summer may be the best season for fun under the sun, but it isn’t without its dangers. Whether you’re planning a mountain hike or a day at the beach, we have some safety tips that will protect you while you’re having fun.

Tip #1: Heat Exhaustion & Sun Protection

The summer sun is a friend that burns you. Protect yourself by wearing sun screen with a high SPF and cooling off in shady areas whenever possible. Heat exhaustion is a very serious concern, and you can get heatstroke if you aren’t staying cool and hydrating.

Tip #2: Water Caution

As people flock to pools and beaches, drowning becomes a very serious summer concern. Be careful not to overextend your swimming abilities, and be sure to make your way back to the beach if you begin feeling tired. Don’t be afraid to call for help if you need it. A lifeguard or a responsible citizen will help if you’re in trouble. Also, just because you’re in the water doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink it—stay hydrated!

Commercial and residential property owners are obligated to provide a safe environment for guests. Failing to live up this responsibility can lead to personal injury and wrongful death cases. If you’re injured while visiting a pool or water park because the premise is unsafe or a lifeguard is unavailable, contact a personal injury attorney to review your legal options.

Tip #3: Hiking Dangers

Summer is a great time for nature hikes, and the best way to enjoy them is by being prepared. Before you begin your trek, plan a suitable outfit for the weather, including comfortable, appropriate shoes. Also, make sure your bag is stocked with enough food and water to last your adventure. Your bag might be a little heavier at this point, but don’t forget the first aid kit!

Thinking it’s safer to hike in a group is a sound idea. However, if you’re part of a hiking tour with an inexperienced or negligent guide, you may find yourself on an unsafe path and the victim of injury. In such a circumstance, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, your claim may not go very far if you signed a liability waiver with the tour company. Your best bet is to contact a personal injury attorney who can evaluate your case.

Likewise, if you’re injured while hiking in a government-owned park, you may be able to file an injury lawsuit. The government is responsible for park maintenance, and park employees are required to inspect the trails for hazards. There are strict guidelines for filing a claim against the government. A personal injury attorney is an essential asset that will help you file your claim and guide you through state and federal laws.

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