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Tips on How to Take Pictures at the Scene of a Car Accident


Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is incredibly stressful and overwhelming and, unfortunately, the trouble does not end after the incident itself. You are going to have to take several steps afterward to ensure you are able to obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries. One of the most important steps you take to gather evidence in support of your claim is taking pictures at the scene of the accident. However, it is crucial that the photos you take capture all the pertinent details that will make a difference moving forward.

How can photos of the scene help your claim? When the insurance adjusters begin investigating your claim, these pictures will serve as a major asset by helping paint a picture of the location, road and weather conditions, the positions of the vehicles, debris, and a vast array of other details. Moreover, the pictures you take can also help refresh your memory if you have to testify in court.

How to Capture the Details

While taking pictures of the scene, it might not be entirely obvious which details will have substantial significance later on. Therefore, the more pictures you take, the better. Remember, the details will never be as fresh as they are after the accident, so take everything you can. You can always delete photos that are irrelevant later, but this is your one chance to capture the scene of the accident accurately.

Some of the details you should try to capture in your photos include:

  • Your car and the damage it sustained
  • Other cars involved in the accident as well as the damage they sustained
  • Skid marks
  • Debris on the road, including vehicle parts and shattered glass
  • The site of the accident, such as the intersection, parking lot, other location where it occurred
  • The condition and location of any stop signs and traffic signals
  • Visible bodily injuries you, your passengers, or other parties might have sustained, as long as they consent to it

Additionally, you should endeavor to take a variety of pictures from at least three different angles and distances, including close-ups, medium distance photos, and long distance or panoramic photos. It is also a good idea to try to keep a common landmark in your photos, which will help demonstrate distance and scale. Lastly, take photos both with and without a flash to ensure you capture as much detail as possible.

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