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When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?


Personal injury claims could result from a variety of incidents, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites/animal attacks, and wrongful death claims. When you need to hire an attorney to help handle these matters depends on the severity of your injuries and the complexities of your case.

Sustained Serious Injuries

Generally, if your accident resulted in minor injuries, you might be able to work out a fair settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company on your own. However, some small wounds could develop into larger health conditions. It is best to receive a thorough assessment of your injuries before deciding that you do not need the help of a lawyer. If you accept the insurance company’s settlement and then later find your injuries require more treatment than you initially thought they would, you cannot go back and ask for a higher payout.

If your injuries require hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, or are long-lasting, it is crucial to speak with a lawyer about your case. An experienced attorney will know how to navigate these matters and can seek fair compensation for pain/suffering and past and/or future medical bills.

Someone Else Was At Fault for the Accident

If you believe another person’s negligence or reckless actions caused in your accident, speak with a skilled lawyer. When you file a personal injury claim against another individual, the burden rests on you to prove they were responsible for the accident. To do this, you must provide evidence that demonstrates their liability, which could require reconstructing the accident, speaking with witnesses, and reviewing photos and/or videos of the scene. Attorneys who handle these types of cases have access to various resources and know how to competently collect evidence. Armed with this information, they can build a solid story to defend your claim.

Trouble with the Insurance Company

Generally, insurance companies are in the business of protecting their financial interests and will try to pay out as little as possible when settling a claim. When dealing with the claims adjuster, you might be offered a low amount that would not adequately cover your expenses. Challenging the company’s offer may require the negotiation skills of an attorney. A lawyer can fight to help obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

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