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Who Is Liable for Personal Injuries Caused by Fireworks?


Every July our nation celebrates its independence by shooting off fireworks into the night sky. This fun activity makes for a beautiful sight in evening. But what happens when a firework display goes south? Someone could be seriously injured as a result. It’s important to understand where liability will fall when it comes to injuries caused by fireworks. Here are five different examples of how liability could change depending on the circumstance of a firework accident:


A manufacturer is responsible for developing safe products for its consumers. When it comes to fireworks, each explosive should be safely made so it won’t discharge prematurely. If an injury is suffered due to a malfunction, it’s likely that the manufacturer will be held liable.


There are two types of fireworks: consumer and professional. Only certified pyrotechnicians have access to professional-grade fireworks, the kind you see at Disneyland or your city’s Fourth of July celebration. However, the fireworks available for your block party will be smaller in scale. This keeps the average joe safe. If a public stand sells professional fireworks that result in an injury, the seller could be held liable.


Anytime fireworks are being discharged, it’s important for a parent or legal guardian to monitor the situation. If kids light fireworks, an accident could be life-threatening. Even if a parent is looking in another direction, they could be still held liable. It’s their responsibility to keep the child safe at all times when flammable objects are present.

Public Entity

Independence Day usually brings a lot of outdoor events that end with firework shows at night. The public entities that put on these events are responsible for the safety of every antendee. If the process of discharging the fireworks doesn’t go as planned, resulting in the injury of people at the event, then the public entity in charge of the event could be held liable.

Person Discharging Firework

If someone tries to discharge a firework but doesn’t follow the instructions, it could result in debris being shot in the wrong direction. These powerful explosives can turn any community firework show into a hectic frenzy. If injuries are sustained by those around the discharge zone, the person igniting the fireworks could be held liable.

Safety Tips for Using Fireworks

Safety always comes first. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting on your own firework display or attending a professional show. It’s important to remember these safety tips when celebrating any holiday with pyrotechnics:

  • Never stand within 300 feet of fireworks when spectating
  • Never try to re-light a firework
  • Never point fireworks in the direction of others
  • Never carry fireworks in a pocket
  • Always pour water on fireworks after they’ve been discharged
  • Always make sure fireworks are legal in your area

Firework Personal Injury Lawyer

Sometimes even the previously mentioned precautions aren’t enough to avoid injury. If you or a loved one suffered a firework-related injury, it’s important to make sure you’re represented by a personal injury lawyer that understands situational liability. At Bridges, Jillisky, Weller & Gullifer, LLC. our attorneys are dedicated to hearing out each client’s circumstances. No one should have to suffer injuries due to the irresponsible behavior of someone trying to light a firework.

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