What to Bring with You to Your First Appointment

What to Bring with You to Your First Appointment

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Please make every effort to bring as many of the following documents to the first appointment as you can. However, if you cannot get your hands on everything before the first appointment, do not be discouraged - come in and let's see what we can do together.

Employment Income, Checking and Savings Accounts

  • All paycheck stubs from your place(s) of employment for the past seven (7) months. If you have more than one job, we will need the stubs for each one. If you do not have all seven months of pay stubs, ask your employer for a print-out of all pay within the previous seven months. If you are self-employed, bring in your last four (4) years of federal income tax returns in addition to a monthly breakdown of your income and expenses. Be sure to bring in the most recent paystub you received right before your appointment.

  • Checking account statement for the past six (6) months.

  • Savings account statements for the past six (6) months.

Creditors/Previous Bankruptcies

  • A complete list of every creditor (person or company) to whom you owe money. The list must be prepared by you and include the creditors name, address and total amount owed. If the debt has been turned over to a collection agency, list the agency name and address separately along with the creditor they are collecting for.

  • Proof of any payments over $600 you have made to your creditors within the last 90 days.

  • If you have loans with any finance company, bring the loan paperwork that you signed for each loan.

  • Any correspondence received within 90 days from a creditor showing a correspondence address and account number.

  • Any record relating to a bankruptcy filed by you or your spouse with eight (8) years of your appointment.


  • Titles to all vehicles if they are paid off. If they are financed, bring in the Memorandum copy of the title. If the vehicle is leased, bring in the Lease Agreement.

  • A copy of the declaration page from your insurance policy showing loss payee for all of your vehicles.

  • If the vehicle has been purchased within the last three (3) years, bring in the purchase documents.

Real Estate

  • A copy of the recorded deed.

  • A copy of the recorded mortgage(s), if any.

  • If you do not have recorded copies (showing the County Recorders time stamp) please go the County Recorders office from the county where the real estate is located, or to the Recorders website and get copies. Note: Union County residents frequently get copies of these records on-line, but if you must go to the Recorders Office, there is a per-page fee.

  • If you are a party to a land contract, bring in the signed and recorded land contract.


  • The last four years of tax returns, and any evidence of indebtedness to the United States or the State of Ohio for past-due taxes.

Divorce, Child Support/Alimony, Other Sources of Income

  • If you have been divorced within the last ten (10) years or have any pending obligations pertaining to your divorce decree, bring in that paperwork.

  • If you have a child support or spousal support order, bring in a copy of the order and the most recent statement showing any prearrange.

  • All evidence of workers compensation, social security, disability or child support received within the past six (6) months.

Other Relevant Paperwork

  • If there are pending complaints/summons/court orders filed against you, bring in the paperwork from the court so we can review the pleading.

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