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Public Concerned After Amish Buggy Crash in Ohio


Several Ohio residents are calling for changes to the way road sharing with Amish buggies is handled after an accident that required a young boy to be flown to a hospital with serious injuries. Authorities say they commonly investigate accidents involving Amish buggies, though he said the Amish are typically not at fault. An officer explained that speed is typically an important factor in such crashes. However, he added that the cause of this car accident has not been confirmed pending the results of an ongoing investigation. Investigators say drugs or alcohol do not appear to have been a factor.

According to officers with the local sheriff's department, the accident occurred on State Route 545 when a car slammed into the buggy after traveling over a hill. The car then reportedly crossed the center line, causing it to collide with an SUV, which overturned upon impact. A toddler riding in the buggy sustained serious injuries and was transported by helicopter to a medical care facility to receive treatment. Additionally, both occupants of the SUV were injured and hospitalized. They were released shortly after being treated. The buggy was badly damaged, leaving the young victim's family without a means of transportation.

Several days after the crash, skid marks could still be seen at the site. The area is known for poor visibility even during daytime, as drivers clearing the hill cannot see what is on the other side. One resident said buggies should be required to travel on the side of the road, but admitted there is little space for them.

Ohio residents who were injured in car accident or their families can file a personal injury lawsuit against the party they believe was responsible for the crash. If successful, the plaintiff is awarded damages compensating them for their medical bills, as well as pain and suffering.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland, "Accident Involving Buggy Raises Road Concerns," Jessica Dabrowski, Aug. 9, 2012