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Suspect In Ohio Bomb Plot Pleads Guilty


One of the five individuals suspected of planning to destroy an Ohio bridge has pled guilty and will reportedly testify against the other four suspects. The 35-year-old suspect could have served a life sentence if convicted without the plea deal, but his guilty plea and testimony could reduce his sentence to between 15 and 20 years in prison.

Plotting to destroy state or federal property is a serious charge and can result in decades of jail time if convicted. Ohio residents accused of this, or any other felony or misdemeanor offense, should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent their interests in court.

The five men, who police have described as anarchists, allegedly purchased fake explosives from an undercover FBI officer and placed them at the base of a bridge located over the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

After planting the fake bombs, the men then allegedly attempted to detonate the bombs using a text-message based code, calling the FBI informant when the codes failed to work. A prosecution affidavit also accuses the men of considering similar attacks on oil wells, a casino, a cargo ship and a police station.

According to the man's attorney, he is the best target for a plea deal because he was added to the plan after the other four men, who have argued that the FBI informant illegally manipulated their actions. The attorney said the men did not intend to kill people with the attacks, but that the plan was a way of making a political statement.

Source: Associated Press, "Ohio bridge bombing plot suspect Anthony Hayne pleads guilty," July 25, 2012