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Contractor to Revamp Ohio Workers' Compensation System


A Canadian firm known as CGI Group Inc. has been awarded a contract to retool some of the ways Ohio processes workers' compensation claims. The company will receive $52 million to revamp the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation's billing and claims systems. The company will also provide a "new integrated technology solution" for policy management within the bureau.

CGI plans to incorporate more streamlined billing and claims processing procedures, as well as provide accurate, real-time data. The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation expects this to benefit employers around the state, thus providing injured workers with more effective protection and coverage.

According to the Ohio BWC, the agency managed "1.2 million open claims, funded by assets totaling $26 billion" in 2011.

CGI has been instructed to revamp the state's inconsistent billing and claims systems and outdated application portfolio. The company plans to incorporate more modern technology that integrates several useful features, like improved notification tools, reporting services and user self-service options. The Ohio BWC hopes these new features will allow it to better represent the best interests of its constituents, workers across the state who are injured on the job.

Ohio workers who are hurt while working and believe they may be entitled to benefits for their injuries should speak to a qualified attorney to find out more about applying for workers' compensation. Also, while the overhaul is designed to serve the interests of Ohio employers, it's important that Ohio workers who would benefit from workers' compensation benefits not be left out in the cold.

Source: Washington Technology, "CGI builds better billing system for buckeye state," David Hubler, May 2, 2012