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Ohio Manufacturer Faces Repeat Citations for Safety Issues


Working a job in an industrial setting can be dangerous if you don't know how to stay safe. You're meant to go through safety training, and your employer should be providing access to or information on the equipment and skills you need to stay safe on the job. When workers aren't trained well, accidents can and do happen.

Recently, an Ohio fiberglass manufacturer was cited for four repeat violations and nine serious safety and health violations. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigated the business after a complaint came in alleging that the company was handling hazardous chemicals in an unsafe manner. OSHA started an investigation shortly after in February at the local Avon Lake facility.

When OSHA investigated, it found several issues. The employees, for instance, did not have effective training programs for how to handle the hazardous chemicals safely. Additionally, containers of hazardous chemicals had not been labeled, leaving a possibility of danger and injury if an employee used the wrong one. Eyewash stations were not suitable or not provided, based on OSHA's report.

As to the repeat citations, that means that OSHA has previously reported that the issues were present. The company should have fixed them within a certain amount of time, but it didn't. Because the company violated respiratory protection standards, didn't have eye protection required, blocked access to fire extinguishers and lacked training on the confined space requirements, it received nine serious citations.

If you've been hurt in a situation caused by a lack of safety efforts, you may be able to claim workers' compensation. The money you receive can help you make up for lost wages or pay medical bills. There's no reason you should suffer financially on top of your injuries.

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