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Ohio Court Finds Doctor Innocent Of 26 Sex Assault Charges


On Sept. 4, 2013, in Akron, a Hudson doctor entered a not-guilty plea at his video arraignment from the Summit County Jail after he was taken into custody at his home on Aug. 30. He was charged with 23 counts that included sexual imposition, sexual assault and gross sexual imposition stemming from accounts from 10 alleged victims. According to police, they were contacted by 40 more victims and expected others to come forward as time went on.

The doctor's initial bond was set at $250,000. When his attorney requested a bond reduction, rather than a reduction, the court increased it to $2 million. The doctor formerly worked at Summit Pain Specialists Inc., which is located in Stow. The State Medical Board of Ohio, according to authorities, suspended his medical license.

Court records show that the sexual assaults were allegedly perpetrated using force or threat of force. However, the defense argued that the doctor regularly carried supplement bottles in his pocket, which patients misidentified. The doctor also pointed out that in his profession of pain management, physical contact is necessary between a physician and patients.

On August, the doctor was found to be not guilty of all charges except one, which was third-degree misdemeanor sexual imposition, and that one count could bring a maximum 60-day jail penalty when he is sentenced on Oct. 7. In addition, he will be required to register as a sex offender for the next 15 years.

When anyone in any profession is charged with a felony, it can prove to be a life-changing event no matter what the charges are. A criminal defense attorney could explain all legal options available and build a defense case based on the circumstances of the incident in question. If necessary, the attorney might negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutors.

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