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Workers' Compensation and Making a Claim in Ohio


After you are hurt at work, you may decide to file for workers' compensation to help you receive some compensation for your lost wages and the medical bills you've accrued. What should you do to get the money you need? First, you're going to need to report your claim. This is easier than you may think in Ohio.

To start with, you need to tell your employer you were hurt. Your employer can then help you fill out the proper forms to file with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Of course, if you've been seriously hurt or need medical attention, you can do this after you receive your emergency treatment.

When you seek out treatment before you talk to you employer, it's important that you let the doctor know that it's a workers' compensation claim. Sometimes, this may not be possible, like if you are hospitalized while unconscious, but you should try to report this as a workers' compensation situation as soon as you can. Technically, medical providers must file a report about your injury within 24 hours of treatment.

With your workers' compensation benefits, you're allowed to see any physician you wish for your first visit following your injury. That means that if you have a physician you trust or need to seek emergency care at the closest hospital, either kind of treatment plan will be accepted and paid for. After that, it's wise to look over the treatment providers in the Bureau of Workers' Compensation plan, because you'll be charged if you see a doctor who is not covered by the BWC program.

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