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New Vehicle Technology Could Reduce Motorcycle Collisions


In an effort to promote safety on Ohio's roadways, new vehicle-to-vehicle technology, or V2V, is being developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to reports, the advanced communications technology would greatly diminish the number of multi-vehicle crashes by permitting pickup trucks, sports utility vehicles, cars and similar light vehicles to warn each other of impending dangers.

The technology, which goes beyond vehicle sensory systems, could also have a positive impact on the safety of motorcyclists. In fact, the leading cause of motorcycle collisions is due to drivers who did not notice a biker or did not have time to evade the crash. These accidents often occur at intersections, during lane changes or when a biker attempts to turn left before oncoming traffic. V2V technology works to alert drivers to other vehicles, including those as far away as several hundred yards. Such advanced warning could reduce the amount of rear-end crashes and left-turn intersection collisions that commonly involve motorcycles.

V2V works by sending and receiving general safety information among vehicles. It does not track vehicles, stabilize or control a vehicle's braking and steering mechanisms, or extract private information. It generally operates by keeping the driver informed in relation to other motorists to help the driver avoid an accident.

Whenever an individual has been killed or injured in a motorcycle accident, the injured biker or the family of the decedent may wish to consult with a personal injury lawyer in an attempt to pursue compensation the loss. In order for a claim to be successful, the plaintiff must present valid evidence that another driver caused the accident through negligent conduct. By thoroughly reviewing official documentation such as the accident report, eyewitness accounts and reconstruction reports, the lawyer might be able to substantiate the plaintiff's claim of negligence.

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