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Reducing the Risk of Common Car Accident Injuries


While most car accidents in Connecticut are minor, serious injuries can still occur if vehicle occupants are not taking proper precautions. However, there are simple ways that vehicle occupants can reduce the risk of common injuries.

A person's face and head are always at serious risk for suffering injuries in car accidents due to sudden jolts and impact. Such injuries can include blunt force trauma to the jaw or forehead, lacerations and fractures. Similarly, brain injuries are also common if an individual's neck or head suffers sufficient trauma. Drivers and passengers can reduce the risk of a brain injury by riding in vehicles that have working air bags and secured seat belts.

Neck, back and leg injuries are also extremely common when it comes to car crashes. Neck and back injuries, if severe enough, could result in permanent damage that could affect the person's long-term health. The risk of suffering leg injuries can be reduced if drivers and passengers sit with their knees together and not at an angle.

While vehicle occupants can reduce the risk of suffering injuries if they become involved in a car accident, some events are simply unavoidable. Those who suffer injuries in a collision due to the reckless driving of another individual may file a personal injury lawsuit to hold that party liable to the injuries they sustained. If successful, such a suit may obtain compensation to assist with medical expenses, any rehabilitation costs and possible loss of income due to missed work.

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