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Can you be compensated for shopping-related injuries?


Suffering injuries when you're planning on having a day shopping in Columbus probably wasn't something you wanted to deal with, but now that it's happened, it's important that you understand how you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Your attorney may need to discuss your injuries and how they affect you to get you fair compensation from the business responsible.

Shopping-related injuries can come in a number of forms, from items falling on top of a shopper to a shopper slipping and falling due to slick, wet floors. Head injuries can result if a person hits her or his head or is impacted by an item, and that can lead to concussions or other trauma that requires medical care immediately.

Another kind of injury you'll want to make a claim for is if you fall because of a shopping cart being defective or if you are injured because of overcrowding. For example, if you shop during a busy sales period, there are likely to be more people in the store. The store's management should be taking steps to prevent injuries by using extra staff, barriers and so on to prevent trampling or other hazards from overcrowding. If the management doesn't consider the fact that it will be crowded and you get hurt, the company could be held liable for any injuries you've suffered.

Your personal injury claim will likely be filed under a premises liability law, but it may also be filed under negligence laws, depending on the circumstances. Your attorney can help you decide how to file your case for the best potential outcome.

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