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Suffered an Injury on the Job in Ohio? Get Compensated.


Ohio has strict laws regarding workers' compensation. These laws are in place to help you if you're hurt at work and need to take time off to recover or need to pay for medical bills as a result of the injury. Workers' compensation is available in most cases of moderate-to-severe injuries when a person has to stay off work for an extended amount of time.

As someone working in the state, you are probably wondering what to do if you think you're owed compensation that you haven't yet received. You may want to start gathering evidence and make sure that your claim has been filed through your employer. If your employer won't file your claim for whatever reason, you may wish to speak with someone who is aware of the legal repercussions.

Suffering an injury on the job can put you in a tough position. You may now have medical bills to pay, a reduction in your wages because of missing work or be missing out on family events or social gatherings due to your injuries. Pain may now be part of your everyday life, but that doesn't mean that stress about where you'll get the money to pay for this injury should be, too.

You have the right to pursue workers' compensation any time you are hurt at work. If you were hurt by a third party at work, you may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit as well, which would allow you to claim more compensation to help you through this tough time in your life. Visit our website to learn more about what you can do to seek compensation after an injury at work; you deserve it.