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What Should I Ask My Doctor After a Car Accident?


After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, one of your first priorities should be to seek medical treatment, regardless if you feel fine or not. It is not uncommon for severe injuries to seem minor at first, so try erring on the side of caution and make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible. In the event that you decide to file a personal injury claim, the paper trail you create will help support your case.

While you are at your doctor’s office for a visit, make sure you ask the following questions:

  • What kind of injuries do I have and how will they affect me? Try to understand the details of your injury as much as possible. This will help make the recovery process go much smoother. Additionally, make sure the doctor’s instructions are clear to you, so you can achieve a speedy and effective recovery. If there is something about your injury or treatment that is unclear to you, ask for clarification. Whatever you do, make sure you do not leave your doctor’s office wishing you asked more questions.
  • Will the injury I sustained cause any additional concerns in the future? Not all injuries are able to fully heal. Ask your doctor if the injuries you suffered are likely to have any lingering effects and if it is possible to reduce the pain and discomfort they might cause.
  • What caused my injuries? Of course, you are seeing your doctor because you were injured in a car accident, but you should also understand the specifics of how you were injured. If you suffered a concussion, is it because your head hit the steering wheel? Your doctor might not be able to give you a precise answer as to what caused your injuries, but an expert’s opinion still goes a long way in these situations.
  • Will I be able to go back to work? Oftentimes, injured victims need to take time off from work to achieve a fast and full recovery, so make sure you ask your physician if you should take time off and when it is medically acceptable to return to work. If your doctor suggests that you take some time off from work, make sure he or she provides a written letter. This will also be helpful in supporting your claim, so you can obtain compensation.
  • Can I receive copies of my records? In a personal injury claim, thorough documentation is critical, so make sure you are able to get copies of your medical records. Typically, most doctors will happily provide these records if you ask, but some might require a more formal request. Whatever steps you need to take to obtain these records, follow through with them to ensure you have all the documentation you need for your claim.

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