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Ohio Worker Speaks About Injuries Sustained in Construction Accident


An Ohio construction worker who was among the 13 people injured when a portion of a parking garage collapsed says the workers' compensation benefits he received after the accident are not sufficient. The collapse occurred at the future site of a casino when steel beams supporting the garage failed, causing the parking garage to collapse and the workers to fall 32 feet to the ground. The victims were granted workers' compensation benefits, but now one injured worker plans to sue the contractor that employed him, arguing that the company has wrongfully tried to avoid liability for the accident.

The 46-year-old worker suffered two fractures to his back, requiring him to spend five and a half months wearing a back brace. While he no longer wears the brace, he says he can only perform light work for the construction contractor that now employs him. As such, his income is only about one fifth of what it was before the accident. He still takes nine pain medications every day but said some of his fellow victims suffered even worse injuries.

The man's doctor has warned the 20-year construction industry veteran that he could worsen his injuries by continuing his career in construction, but added that may be able to dodge further injury. Regardless, the man says he has no choice but to keep working in order to support his three children and wife, who recently transitioned from part-time to full-time work in order to help offset the man's reduced income-earning potential.

The man plans to file a lawsuit against his old contractor. The Ohio Bureau of Compensation granted the company a waiver granting it limited liability against injuries, but the man's attorney says he hopes to have the waiver dismissed.

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