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Ohio Man Says He Was Not Involved In August Killing


An Ohio man who was charged in the kidnapping and murder of a 29-year-old woman is very adamant that he is innocent, according to his attorneys. The 33-year-old man and two women were arrested after the victim's burned and beaten body was discovered. He faces a number of criminal charges, including aggravated arson, aggravated murder with two death specifications, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit aggravated murder and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. The other two suspects, ages 20 and 24, face charges of aggravated arson, kidnapping and aggravated murder with two death specifications. All three suspects have pleaded not guilty. They are being detained on $5 million while they await trial.

Ohio's sentencing guidlines for such offenses are severe, with the suspects in this case facing the death penalty if convicted of the charges against them. Ohio residents accused of murder, kidnapping or any other crimes are advised to contact a criminal defense attorney to ensure their rights are properly defended in court.

Prosecutors contend that the man conspired with another suspect to kidnap the victim and kill her, but the man's court-apointed lawers explained that he espoused his innocence to them pretty much from the start. The suspect's mother also maintains her son's innocence, arguing that he's got a big, compassionate heart. She added that she is confident his name will eventually be cleared.

One of the man's attorneys noted that one of his co-defendants was not mentioned in the man's indictment. This prompted him to theorize that the two suspects had no relationship with each other, though he admitted that this is just a gut feeling and added that the defense will know more once they hear more from the prosecution.

Source: Newark Advocate, "Canton man maintains innocence in Fronsman death case," Brian Gadd, Sep. 20, 2012