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Is Halloween Night Really A Night Of Higher Risk?


If you're charged for a felony because of breaking and entering, driving under the influence, or taking part in other criminal activities, it's important to seek a strong defense that can help protect you in court. Some smaller crimes, like trespassing, might be easily defended, like those that could be reported on Halloween. Trick-or-treating is a popular activity, but without permission, crossing someone's land could actually be considered trespassing. Fortunately, a report from Columbus, Ohio, has shown that Halloween is actually fairly safe, and few reports for trespassing or other crimes are filed within the city.

In Powell, for example, the police have reported that there have been no criminal reports for the hours of trick-or-treat since 2009. That might be surprising to you, especially if you consider that many people aren't at home, so it could be a prime time for breaking and entering crimes. Still, Worthington officers also reported only a small number of crimes during the Halloween event, including only one case of underage drinking and one report of theft. To find anything more serious than that, the report states that you'd have to search back into 2007.

Perhaps it's the fun atmosphere that keeps this holiday event safe in the area, and with only one theft reported in both 2011 and 2012, the residents in Westerville can probably agree. In Bexley, 2012 only brought out one charge of trespassing, according to police.

For residents, this should be a great sign that the area isn't riddled with criminal activity, and for the most part, there aren't many serious crimes to report at all. Of course, police remind residents that they do have extra patrol officers on duty during Beggars Night, so there is always someone nearby to keep an eye on the activities and to keep the peace.

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