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Man Who Confessed On Video To DUI Crash Arrested


A 22 year-old Ohio man who posted an online video confessing to his involvement in a DUI crash that caused the death of a 61-year old man has been arrested after being indicted by a Franklin County grand jury. The video was widely seen by many and cautions other motorists about drinking and driving.

The crash occurred on June 22 on I-670. Charges lodged include driving while intoxicated and aggravated vehicular homicide. Prosecutors also said that he was driving the wrong way on the highway. If convicted, he could receive a sentence of between 2 to 8 1/2 years in prison. The release of the video was a voluntary action intended to show remorse and to deter others from driving while intoxicated.

The young driver has no previous DUI arrests and no felony record of any kind. Even the prosecutor said that the defendant was sincere in making his video. Despite that, the prosecutor said that he would still be pushing for a harsh sentence. His defense attorney responded by arguing for a shorter sentence, saying that a "heavy-handed" punishment could indicate to others that it is wrong to accept responsibility.

The defendant's blood-alcohol level reportedly was measured at 0.19 percent after the accident, which is more than twice the legal limit for intoxication. The video confession may make the focus of defense efforts in the case a push for a lighter sentence since it is the young man's first offense, his sincerely expressed remorse and his public service in encouraging others not to drink and drive.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Judge postpones arraignment for man who confessed to killing on YouTube" Randy Ludlow, Sep. 10, 2013