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Republic Steel Workers Suffer Injuries in Ohio


Injuries that take place at work can be devastating. You may face small cuts, bruises, concussions or dangerous lacerations. When that happens on the job, it's important to seek the care you need, regardless of the cost. Workers' compensation should cover your care.

In this case, workers' compensation may be used to help these workers pay for their medical care and time off if needed. Three people were injured at the Republic Steel plant in Ohio, according to a June 16 report, when there was a minor explosion at the plant. The incident happened at around 8:35 a.m., and the Lorain Fire Department was alerted.

What happened? The Fire Chief argues that there wasn't technically an explosion, but the fact was that a metal piece fell into a new blast furnace along with a water leak causing the metal to be blasted back at the workers. The three men were standing nearby when the blast happened, causing them to suffer injuries from being hit by hot metal shards.

One of the men suffered from an injury to the head, and the two others had to be hospitalized for burns. LifeCare paramedics were on the scene and treating the men when the Fire Department arrived. All of the men, who were reportedly in their 40s, were taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The small fires at the scene were reportedly put out before the fire department arrived. Now, the OSHA is going to investigate the situation to determine what happened and how to make the scene safer for everyone working in the plant.

Source: The Chronicle-Telegram, "UPDATED: Three transported after explosion at Republic Steel" Karie Spaetzel, Jun. 16, 2014