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Workers' Compensation Fraud Leads To Fines For Ohio Doctor


Near Cleveland, one chiropractor is dealing with the fallout after he was accused of participating in workers' compensation fraud by asking for payments for procedures he never performed. According to the news about his alleged white collar crime, he has been ordered to pay close to $70,000 in restitution and investigation costs related to the investigation performed by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. According to the story, the man pleaded guilty to the crime on Jan. 13, after a thorough investigation had been completed.

In any case with this type of accusation, it's vital for your story to be heard. A full investigation is important, and a defense is normally advised. In this case, the chiropractor was sentenced to 180 days in jail for the crime, and that has been suspended for five years of community control. He will also have to pay back $10,169.96 in restitution and $59,186.20 in costs for the investigation. This is part of the terms of his community control.

According to the news, the chiropractor from Fairfield, Ohio, had been falsifying records to claim fraudulent workers' compensation bills that he would then submit for payment. The Bureau of Workers' Compensation representative reported that the agents are aggressive about finding those who are committing fraud within the system, whether it's a patient, employer or health care provider.

The story claims that the investigation was triggered when a tip came in alleging that the chiropractor was billing workers' compensation for procedures he hadn't performed on the injured workers. The bureau decided to investigate, sending agents to the Back and Pain Rehab Center. The investigation allegedly included undercover work with bureau workers coming to the office posing as injured workers seeking treatment.

Source:, "Fairfield chiropractor ordered to pay $70K" Lisa Bernard-Kuhn, Mar. 04, 2014