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What to Do With a Dog After a Dog Bite


If a dog bites a person in Ohio, there are specific steps that must be taken. For instance, the dog must not be taken out of the county where the bite occurred until it has gone through a quarantine period of 10 days or any other period of time deemed necessary. The dog may not be transferred anywhere by a person during this period unless it is to the game warden or to an animal control facility.

A dog may not be killed until it has gone through a quarantine period. An exception to this rule is if killing the dog prevents further injury to a person. A dog may also be shot if it is diseased or otherwise injured itself. If an individual does kill a dog for either of those two reasons, that person must notify the board of health in the appropriate district and hold the dog until it can be claimed.

The rules regarding handling a dog after a bite do not necessarily apply to police dogs. If a police dog bites an individual, it may be observed by a veterinarian. However, if the dog then displays any type of abnormal behavior, the dog may then be placed under supervision of the board of health and tested for rabies.

Dog bites may cause serious injury to those who suffer them. It may be necessary to receive medical treatment for physical injuries or for treatment to prevent against rabies. It may be beneficial to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney after a dog bite. An attorney may help an injured person win compensation for the negligence of the dog's owner as well as for medical bills incurred or long-term costs that may be incurred in the future.

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