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What is Mesothelioma?


One of the worst cancers to arise out of asbestos use is known as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a cancer that starts in the lining of the body at the cellular level. It's common to find the cancer in the abdomen or chest.

The cancer is named after the cells in the lining of the body, which are known as mesothelial cells. These cells are specifically found around the outer surface of the internal organs, like the heart, and in other locations. They produce fluid inside the body to help your organs move against each other. So, if these cells do not work correctly, there can be many issues in the body.

Most forms of malignant mesothelioma start in the chest. Known as pleural mesothelioma, this is a dangerous cancer. It can be one of three types: Mixed, which can be both epithelioid and sarcomatoid, sarcomatoid or epithelioid.

The number of people suffering from this kind of cancer has dropped over the years. That's because the United States has taken steps to reduce exposure to asbestos in the workplace. Still, even today, there are around 3,000 cases being diagnosed every year.

If you've worked in construction or in a building that was built using asbestos material, then you may have been exposed to asbestos that could result in mesothelioma. It's important to discuss your case with your attorney, because this cancer can be fatal. It's most commonly found in men, Hispanic/Latino populations and in Asian- or African-Americans. Because of the reduction in the use of asbestos, it's most common for those around the age of 69 to be diagnosed with this disease.

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