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Don't Let Dog Bites Go Unchallenged; You Can Make a Claim


Dog bites can be very damaging to the body. Because of the way a dog clamps down and thrashes its head from side to side, puncture wounds quickly become tears that shred muscle, ligaments and bone.

As a victim of a dog-bite attack, you may be looking at months, if not years, of recovery. You may need reconstruction, for example, if your face was attacked. Your reconstruction surgery may be necessary to replace a nose, to repair a jaw or to reconstruct an eye socket. You may need skin grafts, and you could need various vaccines and shots to protect you from infection and diseases.

Dog bites affect around 800,000 people each year directly and even more indirectly. Many of these dogs are pets that owners wouldn't suspect to lash out. No matter whose pet it is, it's important that you, as a victim, are treated with respect and fairness. Your injuries need to be taken care of by a medical professional, and the animal in question should be taken into custody for monitoring.

In any cases where you're attacked by a dog, the owner of the dog is responsible for your injuries except for in very rare instances. It's important that you're able to discuss your case with your attorney, so you can learn about the methods you have to make a claim to recoup the costs associated with your medical care and lost wages. Our website has more information on the next steps you should take, so you can move forward with your life and get the care you need.