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Get the Money You Need After Being Injured on the Job


Workers' compensation laws are there to protect you as a person who works hard at your job and wants to stay safe, too. If you're hurt while you're working, you should be immediately treated for your injuries. Those medical bills should be covered under your employer's insurance, which is also generally part of the Ohio Workers' Compensation system.

After you suffered your injury, did you miss work? How long were you without the income you usually receive? If you've been out of work for a week or longer, you can generally request compensation to cover your lost wages. You deserve fair compensation for your medical needs and lost wages because you were hurt while doing a job for your employer. That employer had a responsibility to keep you safe, and a hazardous workplace or accident resulting in your injury is one for which the business is responsible.

There are several kinds of workers' compensation benefits you can obtain. Some of these may be provided to you in the long term. If you've become permanently disabled, for example, you could receive permanent disability payments that would be paid to you for as long as you're unable to work. Temporary disability payments cover your lost wages until you can return to work. You should also obtain compensation for rehabilitation and medical care.

There are many factors in a workers' compensation case, and workers' compensation alone isn't the only compensation available. You could be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer of a defective product or from a third-party contractor who caused you a serious injury. Our website has more information. Call or email us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.