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Fight Against Petty Misdemeanors to Keep Your Record Clean


Although they may not seem as relevant to your character as a felony, a misdemeanor charge or conviction can cause you some trouble in life. Besides the fact that you'll have penalties that may include jail time or fees, you may have to face being shamed or ostracized byf your peers. When you try to get a job, you may find your misdemeanor holds you back because it shows you have a black spot on your record.

How can you avoid the stigma of being convicted of a misdemeanor? The first priority needs to be a strong defense from the moment you're accused of a crime. You can fight to make sure you're not held accountable for a crime you didn't commit, or you may be able to have the charges dropped or reduced, so you can continue without a black mark on your record.

For petty misdemeanors, it's likely that you're going to face a fine of under $500 and potentially a jail sentence of under six months. While that in itself may not seem like a heavy penalty, the time away from work could mean losing your job. It could mean being away from your children or being away from the people you care about in your life.

With the right support, you can build a defense that helps explain your actions so that you can receive the best result for your case. Whether you're fighting to prove your innocence or working to reduce your penalty, our website has more information on misdemeanors and how to fight them so you don't have a crime on your record.