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You Can Be Compensated Through a Civil Trial


Personal injuries come in many shapes and forms. You could suffer broken bones, head injuries or other kinds of injuries that leave you with disabilities, either temporarily or permanently. If you're hurt by someone who was being negligent, then there's a chance you can make a claim for compensation from that person. Whether it's because of a car accident, workplace accident or other situation, that's a right you have. So, what can you do when you want to make a claim back for compensation? A civil lawsuit is the most common tactic you can use.

With a civil case, your goal is to have a judge rule in your favor and order the other party to compensate you. A civil case isn't criminal, so there are no charges being placed by police or other authorities. You'll need to provide your own evidence to show why you deserve compensation, present your argument and wait for the other party to do the same.

Once you do this, the judge, and potentially a jury, will decide if you should have your wishes granted by making the defendant liable for your injuries or if your case isn't strong enough, resulting in a loss.

There are six phases to this process, and when you're injured, it can be hard to move forward with such a long process. Your attorney can help you by participating in much of the process without you necessarily needing to go to court to speak. You may need to at some points, but with the right process in place, your time needed in court can be minimized. Our website has more information on how you can get started.