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The Best Place to Be After a Crash? It May Be in Your Vehicle.


When you get into a car accident on a highway or roadway, what should you do? Where is it the safest for you to be? While you may not initially be concerned with anything except getting out of your wrecked vehicle, that may not be the best choice to make at the time.

Research has shown that staying in your car, unless it's a dangerous environment, is the best option. Being on or near busy traffic lanes on the highway is dangerous, according to experts, so what you should do is move to the shoulder of the road as fast as possible while still inside your vehicle. Call the police from inside your vehicle, then wait for assistance.

Why is this so important for people to remember?

Being inside your car or truck will offer you protection against being struck as a pedestrian. If you're hit again, you still have the integrity of the vehicle to protect you. It's also less likely to result in a second accident, because your vehicle is more visible that you are.

What if your vehicle can't be moved?

If you can't move your car, then it's better to leave it. Move off the road and get as far from moving traffic as possible. If there is a guardrail or concrete wall, move to the opposite side away from traffic whenever possible. In any situation, it's best to put something between you and traffic, regardless of what that barrier may be.

If the person who hit you is at the scene, everyone should remain in a nearby area to wait for police. If you're able to, you can take this time to exchange information to make your claim easier in the future.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Experts: Staying in car often safest after highway crash," Mary Beth Lane, April 12, 2016