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You Can Be Compensated for a Pedestrian Accident in Ohio


Pedestrian accidents are a major concern throughout the United States and in Ohio, where many children walk to school, people walk to work and others exercise or travel to new locations. When you're hurt, you'll need to focus on litigation on top of your injuries and the financial implications of the accident. Your attorney can help take care of litigation so you can rest and heal, but that won't stop the overall problem of the risk to pedestrians on and near the roads.

The people most at risk of being hurt in an accident include older adults and children. Those over the age of 65 and those between the ages of five and 15 are much more likely to be involved in an accident than people in other age ranges. These are people who may not move as quickly as others or be able to make safe decisions for their own safety. Young ages and disabilities can make these pedestrians more likely to be injured, too.

One of the major problems with pedestrian accidents is the rise of the alcohol-impaired driver. In around 48 percent of all traffic crashes involving pedestrians, alcohol was involved. That's not to say all who were intoxicated were drivers, but drunk drivers can make poor decisions and hurt innocent bystanders.

Pedestrians can protect themselves by making themselves more visible and to make sure they cross at crosswalks and intersections. Taking steps to protect yourself can help, but dangerous drivers do still need to be held accountable. Our website has more information about pedestrian safety and your rights.