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You May Be Able to File a Claim for Total Temporary Compensation


When you get hurt on the job, it's your right to seek a workers' compensation claim. The way this process works is defined clearly by the Ohio Department of Workers' Compensation.

First, an initial investigation will begin. At that point, you'll need to provide several rounds of documents to the Bureau. These documents include things like medical documents provided to you discussing your injury and how it is affecting your body, documentation about the restrictions placed on you at work, and a document requesting temporary total compensation if you're not able to work for more than seven days.

Another thing you'll want to gather for evidence is wage documentation. You can speak to your employer and receive copies, if you don't have them, of all paychecks and stubs from the 52 weeks prior to your injury. This must be submitted to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation on an Injured Worker Earnings Statement.

After you file a claim, your employer has time to respond to it and certify that it's legal. It's possible for your employer to reject the claim, but that won't be a factor in whether or not you get the compensation you need from the workers' compensation insurance coverage you've been provided.

Trying to obtain workers' compensation can be hard if you're in a volatile situation or if you're too injured to go through the legal process. Working with your attorney can help you focus on your recovery instead of the legal actions you need to take. Our website has more on this topic, so you can learn the steps to take after you're injured.