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Can a DUI Conviction Be Expunged?


Expungement is the process by which certain convictions can be sealed and removed from public access. Because convictions can show up on background checks and affect employment or housing decisions, being granted an expungement by the court allows individuals to get a fresh start, assuming they have completed their sentences, paid their fines, and met other eligibility criteria.

DUIs Are Ineligible for Expungement

Unfortunately, under Ohio Revised Code §2953.36, a person is unable to apply for an expungement of their DUI conviction regardless of how far in the past it occurred. This is also true if an individual was convicted for their first and only DUI offense. These convictions are a part of the person’s permanent record, which could affect their livelihood well into the future.

The statute applies not only to DUIs but also to other serious traffic violations, such as driving without a valid driver’s license, driving with a suspended or revoked license, or driving with fake license plates.

Expungement of Other Convictions

The interesting thing about Ohio law is that, although serious traffic offenses can’t be expunged from a person’s criminal record, certain misdemeanor or felony convictions can.

Under §2953.36 of the Revised Code, a person who has one felony conviction can apply for an expungement 3 years after they have completed their sentence. If they have 2 felony convictions, they can apply 4 years after completing their sentence. A person with 3 or more felony convictions can apply for expungement after 5 years.

An individual can apply to have an unlimited number of misdemeanors expunged 1 year after completing their sentence.

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