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Ohio Man Charged In Connection With Fatal Crash


An Ohio man will face several charges after police arrested him for allegedly causing a car accident that left two people dead and another two severely injured. He has been charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license, aggravated vehicular assault and aggravated vehicular manslaughter.

A representative with the Ohio Highway Patrol said that the crash occurred when the suspect allegedly crossed the center lane on the highway, striking another vehicle and killing two of its passengers. According to the police report, officers subjected the suspect to a breath test. Police claim that the man registered a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.209 percent. Ohio's legal BAC limit is 0.08. Following the test, authorities had the suspect taken to the hospital for treatment. He was released several days later.

Soon after his release, the Ohio Adult Parole Authority arrested the 35-year-old man again, claiming that his involvement in the crash constituted a breach of the terms of his parole. The Authority ruled that he had to be held for eight months for the violation. He is currently awaiting trial.

The prosecutor in the case said that the state will likely attempt to get the suspect a severe sentence, claiming that nature of the charges against him put many people in harm's way.

Being involved in a car accident is a frightening experience. If you are charged with DUI on top of it all, it can be very overwhelming. No one means to cause an accident like this one, but police do not often sympathize with those they suspect of causing it, leaving many people feeling like there's no way out. However, that is not always the case. When faced with a situation like the man in this story, it is important to know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

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