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Has your personal debt become unmanageable? Are you struggling to pay your mortgage? Don’t worry—there’s hope. At Bridges, Jillisky, Streng, Weller & Gullifer, LLC, we know how to handle all types of bankruptcy—whether it’s Chapter 13 or Chapter 7—and student loan-related legal needs. Our team of Delaware County bankruptcy lawyers can help you understand all aspects of your case and ensure that your rights and assets are protected. If you're looking for legal representation, or even just a professional consultation, look no further.

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When Should You Consider Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a more common process than most people realize. Here are a few examples of when you should consider it:

  • Your credit card debt is out of control. Interest rates on credit cards can make them extremely difficult to pay off.
  • You have substantial medical debt. Doctor and hospital bills can add up quickly during a medical emergency.
  • Your spouse lost their job. Losing a large portion of monthly income can make it nearly impossible to pay your mortgage and other bills.
  • You’re dipping into your retirement early. When you raid your retirement funds you are not getting out of debt cheaply, you are taking away money from an older you who may depend on that money to get by.
  • You’re upside down on your home. Bankruptcy is a main option for dealing with an underwater mortgage and it can provide relief in a number of ways.
  • Others may suffer if you don’t file. If you find yourself unable to care for your family and manage your debts, filing for bankruptcy can help relieve your debts and allow you the fresh financial start you need to continue ensuring the health of your family.

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