Logan County Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Debt problems have a way of taking over your life, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. At Bridges, Jillisky, Streng, Weller & Gullifer, LLC, we provide effective bankruptcy services for our clients in West Liberty, Indian Lake, Bellefontaine and the surrounding areas. We represent and guide our clients through the process so they can get debt relief and keep their property—as well as regain control of their finances and lives.

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Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Every person’s financial situation is different, so we provide a personalized solution for each client. We can explain the bankruptcy process and help you decide whether a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is best for you. We can also advise you in matters involving foreclosure, wage garnishment, and repossession.

Are you unsure if you should file for bankruptcy? In general, excellent candidates are people who:

  • Cannot pay off current debts within five years
  • Have trouble managing daily expenses
  • Are facing a foreclosure
  • Have high amounts of unsecured debt
  • Have IRS or student loan garnishments

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers Serve Logan County & Beyond!

While some firms only handle one type of bankruptcy, we go above and beyond to handle whatever financial situation you might be facing. At Bridges, Jillisky, Streng, Weller & Gullifer, LLC, we are committed to excellence in the representation of our clients. During your free consultation, we can evaluate your full financial picture to determine if bankruptcy is the right fit for you. Whether it’s bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or creditor negotiation, we want to do everything we can to find the right solution to your financial problems.

If you want to speak with a Logan County bankruptcy lawyer, please call (937) 403-9033 or contact us online to get started. We proudly serve West Liberty, Indian Lake and Bellefontaine.