Estate Planning & Probate

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Creating an estate plan isn’t just for people who are getting along in years or heading for retirement. In fact, it is always wiser to have a plan than to wait it out, especially if you have any significant assets or dependent family members.

When you sit down with one of our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys, you take the first step toward peace of mind. Our team at Bridges, Jillisky, Streng, Weller & Gullifer, LLC can help you make as many major decisions as you can in advance, in order to reduce hassle and confusion later on. We can help you decide who will take care of your minor children in the event of your untimely death, create a succession plan for your company or organization, help you avoid heavy taxation on inheritances, and more.

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Probate Proceedings & Conflicts Among Inheritors

When a parent or family member dies without a will or without an updated estate plan, things can get contentious and complicated, especially when those left behind cannot agree as to how certain assets and possessions should be handled. This is often made more challenging with the initiation of probate proceedings, which can last for months and drain much of the resources left behind. Probate proceedings also place the terms of property division and ownership in the hands of a judge, which may create an undesirable arrangement if you do not have a skilled legal advocate there to plead your case.

Whether you are an estate executor, inheritor, or even just a concerned family member, our team at Bridges, Jillisky, Streng, Weller & Gullifer, LLC is prepared to help you resolve your legal matter as quickly and efficiently as we can and represent you during probate proceedings in Bellefontaine and the surrounding areas.

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